• Placement
    Bottom of the page.

  • Effects
    Ad opens with 30% of the height of the browser window.
    Scroll down effect causes Ad to close to 100px.
    Ad can be open again with a click on the arrow pointing up on the middle of the top portion of the ad.

  • Dimensions
    Ad Open: 30% of the browser height and Full-Width of the browser
    Ad Closed: Height of 100px and Full-With of the browser


  • Limitations - none

  • Close button on top right corner (IAB standard)

  • Minimum viewability - 50% (IAB Standards)

  • Ad server integration - Size 1x1

  • Alterations - not allowed


  • HTML Responsive Ads, that are ready for cross-channel campaigns for desktop, mobile and other devices.

  • Complies with all google's terms & conditions.