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Last updated on 19th April 2021

Cookie Notice

Clever Advertising is committed to protecting your privacy. In this Cookie Notice we explain how we use cookies and similar technologies, their purposes, how long the cookies are stored, and how you can manage them. If you want to know more about our data protection practices, please read our Privacy Notice. Please note that other entities collect information on our websites by installing cookies and similar technologies to assist us in analysing how our websites are being used and displaying personalised and non-personalised adverts to its visitors. When a third-party partner installs a cookie, the purpose and the retention period are determined by such third-party.

Cookies are small text files stored in the working memory (‘session cookie’) or the hard drive of your device (‘persistent cookie’). The use of cookies enables us to recognise you each time you interact with Clever Advertising and present offers on websites that may interest you. The next time you visit a website on the same device, the cookie and the information therein will either (1) send such information to the website that installed such cookie (‘first-party cookie’) or (2) to another website (‘third-party cookie’). When we interact with you, we collect information from you through cookies and similar technologies. The data collected may include, but is not limited to, the IP address of your device, type of device, browser, and location (country and region). You can read more about cookies on third-parties’ websites, such as
This Cookie Notice is divided into sections based on the manner you interact with Clever Advertising. Please determine what type of user you are.

Visitors of our websites
You are considered a “visitor of our websites” when you visit a website operated by Clever Advertising (or any of its group companies). Our websites use “strictly necessary cookies”, “social plugins”, “preference cookies”, “analytics cookies”, and “advertising cookies”. We cannot read third-party cookies, neither can other entities read our first-party cookies. You can find information regarding the cookies each of those websites uses on each website cookie notice.

Third-Party User
You are considered a “third-party user” when you visit a page of a website of one of our partners where Clever Advertising’s cookies, pixels, or other similar technology (‘Clever Advertising Technology’) are installed (‘Partner Websites’).

On the Partner Websites, we may install the following cookies or similar technologies:

The retention period of the information collected by these cookies does not exceed six months.

Disabling cookies
You can manage the cookies that are installed on your browser settings.

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To manage cookies in other browsers, please contact the developer of such browser.